About Tales of beautiful sadness

It was 2001 and it was my first time living outside my country. I was in Toronto and I remember one day that I was on the subway on my way to my friend's house were I was staying in, and suddenly I felt this intense feeling, that I could only described as pure and simple Melancholy.
I was feeling sad and lonely missing my country, my friends and family, but at the same time I had this feeling of accomplishment and I was really inspired and full of energy. I thought to myself: " What a BEAUTIFUL SADNESS I'm feeling right now ". I arrived at my friends house, grab a sketchbook I bought early that day, some acrylics, scraps of wood and some lettersets I had with me, and did a piece as a cover art of a project that has been playing in my head since that time. I named this idea " TALES OF BEAUTIFUL SADNESS" and I have been doing sketches, writing short stories of this weird characters that inhabit this world. Sometimes they live only in a word or a short sentence, and sometimes they develop in full stories with a beginning and an end, or most of the time just a beginning...
I think is time to share all this sketches, drawings and sometimes full images that I have done all over this years and will be doing for a while. Here you're going to see part of my drawings that until this time just lived in my sketchbooks, and that not too many people had seen.


Luis Torres .